Turning points and connections



mini-Man flooded Piura

Man in flooded Piura house. Courtesy of larepublica.pe

A turning point has been presented by the recent events of el niño. A new generation has experienced life in Trujillo at a time when the climate has caused a natural disaster, which has affected everybody, albeit to different degrees.

Natural disasters are often sensationalized and misrepresented in the news and students though this unit will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of primary sources and their interpretation and through project-based learning will analyse, choose and produce primary sources in order to create a documentary-style piece of work.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about primary sources, photography and photo-reportage, creating interview questions, interviewing skills, and also to reflect on self and others through considering how through luck, chance and circumstance, everybody was affected differently by the recent disaster and some much worse than others.


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