The power of photography



Photo credit: Steve McCurry



Essential question: Why do some photos have such an impact on us?

In our next class, we are going to experiment with groups of photos to see the types of emotions that they evoke in us.

The object of the lesson is to understand the power and skill of photography and why “one picture is worth a thousand words”.

We are going to look at this ’emotions vocabulary’ document first, which will help us to choose from the many different emotions that we may feel, but might have difficulty putting into words.

Emotions vocabulary.

Next, each group will open up one of the following photo documentaries on their laptop.

Next, everyone will choose a photo and write down the emotion they feel about it on a piece of paper.

Then, the groups will rotate around the room, until everyone has had a chance to see at least one photo from each photo documentary, and everyone has four pieces of paper with an emotion written on each one.

We will get together at the end to talk about our experiences.

  1. A Young Father’s Balancing Act
  2. What the World Eats
  3. Underwater Photography
  4. Arctic Outposts
  5. Photo Ark



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