The story behind the photo

What is going on

The photo was taken from the New York Times Learning Network website, which reproduced the image from the series:

“Challenging an Old Narrative in Latin American Photojournalism.”

The caption for the photo is: ‘Fermin Pena attempts to repair a broken pipe in Caracas, Venezuela.’

NYT asked the photographer, Rodrigo Abd, for the backstory on this image:

I left the AP office in downtown Caracas, and I jumped on a motorbike taxi – the only way to move in Caracas as a journalist – to try to find some daily life pictures for the wire, basically trying to describe the mood of the people days before the presidential elections.

Only two blocks from the office I suddenly saw this incredible situation, so I jumped off the motorbike to document the scene. It was surreal, this guy, almost covered by water, trying to fix a public tube. I spent almost 20 minutes there until the man finished his work.

For me it was a symbolic image of the political situation in Venezuela, where millions are trying not to drown in the multiple problems facing the South American country, amid the fighting between the government and the opposition that seems to worsen every day.

The photograph was taken on September 26, 2012, and won second place in the Everyday Life category in the Pictures of the Year Latin America 2013 contest.


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