How to take good photos

Essential question: What are the specific elements of a good photo?

Sometimes, it is a just a case of right time, right place and an interesting or beautiful photo is made. Knowing a bit about photo composition though can help you to find a good shot or choose from your photos once you have finished shooting.

Taking a good photo requires a list of ingredients – or in other words, a composition.

The following points are good to remember:

– What are the main figures or objects?

– How is the photo framed?

– Where are they located? Foreground? Background? Centred?

– What kind of emotional impact does the photo have?

– How does it make you feel?

– Is there humour?

– Is there movement? What is moving?

– How does your eye move through the photo?

– What story is the photo telling?

– Is that story interesting to you?

Here is a guide from National Geographic to give you some more detail.


Courtesy: Ray Collins.


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