Caption writing – student example

Well done Diana for your efforts with these captions!

Diana chose this caption as her best out of three (Caption-Writing-Exercise_one photo for 3 caption practice):


Final pose of the song “Speed Test” when Mr Graydon finished hiring Millie to work as a part of the secretarial pool for Sincere Trust by making a dictation.


The following captions include quotes from the main players (Caption-Writing-Exercise_Two photos for practice):


The band Marching Lion Pride performing at the game against Benson High School. At the front are Daniella Lyons and Emily Daly with the flags that the color guard moms designed and sewed for the group.

“We put in a lot of hours of practice to perfect these routines and then four games later the season ends and you are done.” — Emily Daly

“I just love this show. It is the most difficult show we have performed since I joined the band two years ago and we do it so well.” — Daniella Lyons


The senior skit performing before the football game starts. Lovell Jones is at the front with his broken leg dancing “Stanky Legg” for the anual Bonfire.

“When I was out there dancing, I just kinda forgot that my leg was hurting. I guess I was just all in the moment, lovin’ that the spotlight was on me and that my boys were out there cheering me on.” — Lovell Jones



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